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The Company

For 25 years, Contrast Lighting has been a leading North American manufacturer of quality and sustainable products. In its Levis installations (Quebec, Canada) the company manufactures a comprehensive range of stylish recessed, pendant and wall mount luminaires as well as decorative glass shades hand-blown by talented craftsmen. Contrast is well-known for its forgiving installation features and its extensive selection of finishes providing much appreciated design flexibility to lighting professionals and their customers.

Since 1989, our product line has evolved and recognizing the importance of environmental protection and green initiatives, the company went green in both its product manufacturing as well as in its product line developments. Our development efforts are customer-focused, future-oriented and environment-friendly. We strive to remain relevant by continually improving the energy efficiency, visual appeal and overall lighting performances of our products. We monitor every change made to energy efficiency standards in order to rapidly adapt our products to these new realities.

Over the years, Contrast Lighting gained a solid reputation in both residential and commercial applications. Thanks to its agents throughout the Americas – North, South and Central- and Europe, Contrast product are now being used in large-scale projects. We are proud to supply quality lighting products in projects such as: